Our Team

Our Team

Integrity. Experience. Commitment.

We believe that in order to provide first-rate service and guidance, the relationship between investor and financial advisor must be grounded in trust. Your financial advisor will undoubtedly focus on your relationship, rather than the transaction, exercising balance, care, skill, diligence, and objectivity in the comprehensive process utilized in developing and managing your financial life.

It is our core belief that effective communication is the essential basis for a long and healthy relationship. Our team of trained and courteous professionals seeks to work together to provide each client with the highest degree of personalized service.

Investments are not NCUA- or MSIC-insured and are subject to risk, including loss of principal amount invested. Investments are not deposits of or obligations of the credit union and are not guaranteed.

Edward Sokolowski, CLU®, ChFC®, AIF®

Managing Partner and Financial Advisor

Managing Partner Edward “Ed” Sokolowski is a lifelong resident of Western Massachusetts. He graduated from the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in 1992 with a BS in finance. As a child, he remembers visiting his older sister at her office in downtown Springfield. Mesmerized by the sounds and sights of the stock market tickers, Ed knew finance was in his future. In college, Ed’s economics professor instilled in him the value of investments, explaining that when you lose money, it takes twice as much effort to earn it back. It was then that he chose to steer clear of quick fix stock trading and pave a career applying the conservative philosophy of long-term investing.

Ed began the licensing process before graduation and promptly joined EQ Financial Consultants out of college. Within two years, Ed’s hard work and dedication propelled him into management. While Ed always valued slow and steady investments, he thrives in risky and challenging environments. In 1995, Ed moved his family to New York, seeking a fast-paced setting to push him out of his comfort zone.

Armed with valuable experience, Ed was recruited back to Western Massachusetts in 1999 to work for Palmer Goodell Financial Group, LLC. Ed witnessed the corporate sale of Palmer Goodell to TD Bank and quickly realized the need to provide a local, relationship-focused, comprehensive approach to financial planning. Together with partners Joseph Leonczyk and Charles Myers, the doors of Pioneer Valley Financial Group, LLC, opened in March 2002. Today, Ed is recognized as a President's Club Advisor for 2014; an elite distinction recognizing only the most esteemed financial advisors based on annual production rankings among Commonwealth's 1,487 financial advisors of 2014.

When not in the office, you’ll often find Ed lacing up to hit the pavement. After being a casual runner for more than 10 years, he decided it was time to move from casual running and start training for his first marathon. An achievement he is proud to have accomplished after turning 40, Ed has since completed several marathons and continues to stay physically fit with daily runs.

Ed received an esteemed Volunteer of the Year Award for his involvement in the preservation of Folley Field/Lake Wallace. During his service of chairman, Ed tirelessly fought, lobbied, disrupted, and influenced community leaders in order to preserve the 66 acres. The land is now a place where children and their families enjoy sporting events, nature walks, and environmental exploration. Having raised two sons and spent more than 15 years coaching football, basketball, and baseball, Ed intrinsically values the development of future generations through education, community support, and outdoor play.

You’ll see that as PV Financial Group has become more successful, the community receives more of the company’s energy, time, and money too. Ed, who wasn’t born wealthy, believes that it is his social responsibility to give back to the community and support children so that they have the opportunity to one day be successful too. Ed handpicks organizations like the Ludlow Community Center/Randall Boys & Girls Club, Head Start, and the Michael J Dias Foundation, in order to foster child and community development. You’ll often find him volunteering at local events, coffee in hand, alongside his team.

Joseph Leonczyk

Senior Partner and Financial Advisor test

Senior Partner Joe Leonczyk is a lifelong resident of Ludlow, Massachusetts. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 1980 with a BS in nursing. His innate desire to help people and his thirst for learning led him to his initial career as an RN. Working in the Cardiac Care unit of Wing Memorial Hospital proved to be rewarding and undoubtedly meaningful when he met his future wife, Maryann, now married 35 years, in that very hospital.

Inspired by his father, a master electrician with hands of steel, Joe built his own home and discovered his love of crafting. With a wife to support and three small mouths to feed, Joe took a risk and started his own bathroom remodeling business while he continued to work part-time as an RN. As a small business owner, Joe began to realize the importance of financial planning and developed a passion for the stock market. Ten years later, he put down his tools, closed his home office, and transitioned one last time to financial advisor. Joe’s ability to wear several hats as nurse, small business owner, and family man demonstrated his innate entrepreneurial yet compassionate spirit.

From there, Joe joined EQ Financial Consultants in 1997 and shifted to Palmer Goodell Financial Group, LLC, in 1999 with Ed Sokolowski and Chuck Myers. Together, they quickly realized the need to provide a truly comprehensive approach to financial planning and opened the doors of Pioneer Valley Financial Group, LLC, in March 2002. Today, Joe is recognized as a President's Club advisor for 2014, an elite distinction recognizing only the most esteemed financial advisors based on annual production rankings among Commonwealth's 1,487 financial advisors of 2014.

Joe and his family continue to live in Ludlow, where he is active in community organizations and other charities. His three children (Adam, Peter, and Emily) are now grown and all reside in Ludlow, starting families for themselves. Joe relives the 10-plus years of memories coaching little league baseball and softball for his children, as he now runs around as “Dziadziu” with his three young grandchildren, Alessandra (8) and Maxine and Sienna (3).

Joe will occasionally get away to play golf, fish, or go camping, but you will mostly find him tending his koi pond, meticulously mulching around his wife’s ever-growing landscaping and generously entertaining family and friends in his backyard haven. His kids may take advantage of dropping off the little ones too much, but Dziadziu never seems to be without the energy to run, rock, and play.

Charles Myers, AIF®

Senior Partner and Financial Advisor

Senior Partner Charles “Chuck” Myers was raised in a Boston suburb, relocating to Western Massachusetts for college. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 1981 with a BS in public health. At age 11, Chuck vividly remembers his first volunteer experience when he signed up to help a disabled peer labor through a physical therapy obstacle course. It was from this point forward that his instinctive desire to help others began to blossom, mapping a natural progression toward his major in public health.

Upon graduation, Chuck took a direct service position at the Department of Mental Retardation; his servant’s heart proved invaluable as he was promoted to supervisor within six months. Chuck’s service-minded leadership style gracefully led him through a successful 12-year career at the DMR.

With two small children now in the mix, Chuck opened a pet shop in Belchertown while he remained part-time at DMR. Having worked with veterinarians and humane societies throughout high school and college, Chuck had developed a devout love of animals. It was Chuck’s hard work and wide smile that turned his shoestring shop into a success. Once he moved to the pet shop full-time, he spent 10 years helping customers solve problems and earnestly care for their pets. As a small business owner, Chuck recognized the need for employee retention and long-term financial planning. When it came time to close his shop, Chuck found himself answering Ed Sokolowski’s call for new team members and joined EQ Financial Consultants in 1997. In 1999, he moved to Palmer Goodell Financial Group, LLC, with Ed Sokolowski and Joseph Leonczyk; together, they realized the need to provide a truly comprehensive approach to financial planning. The doors of Pioneer Valley Financial Group, LLC, opened in March 2002 where Chuck currently manages the operations department.

When Chuck’s son went off to college at UVM and joined the rowing team, Chuck, who is Dan’s number-one fan, decided he needed a high-tech camera to capture the priceless memories of his son’s team. It became evident that Chuck’s natural artistic ability translated behind the lens, and he quickly transformed into an avid photographer. Today, Chuck most enjoys capturing candid portraits, landscape, and wildlife. Look for his favorite photograph of the Dog Tag Garden Memorial in Boston hanging in our office to see just how talented Chuck’s photography eye truly is.

Chuck’s artistic flair doesn’t end at photography; he is also a singing, songwriting, and guitar-playing extraordinaire. Ask him to play for you his favorite song, “Through A Window,” an easy-listen rock single that he has effortlessly layered his voice, guitar, bass, and keyboard with other instrumentals.

Chuck proudly serves on the chair of the deacons at his church, where he and his wife are actively involved in all aspects of serving their greater community. Chuck works to ensure that his church is reaching the public through various programs, including their local food pantry and Springfield food kitchen services. A place near and dear to his heart, Chuck met his wife, Christine, at this very church. Chuck and Christine, a recently published author and substitute school nurse, will be celebrating their two-year anniversary in May.

When not busy dabbling in art or serving his church, Chuck and his wife frequently run local races for various charity organizations. Most recently, they completed Boston’s Run to Remember, his most gratifying race so far, taking place in the streets of Boston. While he may mostly run for charity, it keeps him in shape for playing basketball too, a hobby he often picks up at his local fitness center. Chuck says there is nothing he enjoys more than hustling on the break and beating a 20-something down the court. At 6 feet 2 inches, you may want to keep your appointments with Chuck at the office but off the court!

Carole E. Bolduc

Financial Advisor

Financial Advisor Carole Bolduc is a lifelong resident of Western Massachusetts. Carole’s distinctive warmth and professionalism blossomed at an early age when she picked up her first job selling maintenance agreements at Sears. Albeit challenging, the difficulty of phone sales couldn’t stop Carole, who quickly learned how to relate to her customers and provide real solutions to their problems. After three arduous yet successful years, Carole moved into the banking industry (a natural fit) and joined Bank of New England West as a part-time teller. Carole’s talent quickly became evident, and in six month’s time, she was promoted into a full-time position within business development. Carole learned from her boss and mentor at the bank that “if you work hard, you can have it all, family, work and life balance.” Carole values the wisdom of her mentor to this day, having successfully carried out this meaningful concept throughout her career.

Carole next witnessed the closing of Bank of New England West and the bank’s transition to Fleet. She experienced first-hand the sheer panic each customer went through during the bank’s closing; her ability to relate to their fears allowed her to ease anxiety and maintain customer satisfaction. Carole became the assistant branch manager at Fleet where she served the Wilbraham market for 10 years, energizing her staff, serving her customers, and managing a remarkably successful branch.

Carole was recruited by the Bank of Western Massachusetts in 1997 and became assistance vice president, branch manager. She received extensive training in small business lending and sharpened her skills in engaging banking relationships at both the individual and commercial level. When the bank became People’s United Bank in 2010, Carole took on a new role as assistant vice president, financial services manager. Carole took part in a New England Life Insurance pilot program and was the first person in Massachusetts to hold her FINRA Series 6 securities registration, which she followed with the Series 63 securities registration and a life insurance license.

Carole proudly served her banking community for 27 years, discovering a deep passion for ensuring client satisfaction, developing meaningful relationships, and providing a full spectrum of banking solutions to small and mid-size business owners. Through all of her experience, Carole realized the growth opportunity she could provide her clients by also offering security and investment solutions. In 2014, Carole switched gears and joined the experienced team at PV Financial Group. With her Series 7 and 66 registrations (through Commonwealth Financial Network®), Carole passionately serves her clients with the depth and range of her comprehensive experience.

When not in the office, you’ll likely find Carole surrounded by family and friends. Carole tributes her work ethic to her lifelong mentor, her father, and her fearless pursuit of personal and professional growth to her husband’s unwavering support.

Carole’s husband, Jerry, is a U.S. Marine Corp veteran, retired U.S. Postal Service employee, and current small business owner, building local custom homes. Carole, Jerry, and their son, JR, currently reside in Ludlow in one of Jerry’s custom-built beauties. Carole asked for a large kitchen and Jerry delivered, creating an entertainment hub for friends and family who come to enjoy Carole’s creations in the kitchen. You may often catch Carole at the store stocking up on supplies to feed and entertain her constant rotation of guests—and don’t be alarmed to find Sweet Pea in her arms. Sweet Pea is one of Carole’s three pups, the youngest and most adored, and a local celebrity.

When not working or entertaining, Carole spends her free time cheering on her son, JR, ranked third in his division in the New England Motocross Association. A freshman at Ludlow High School, JR will be participating in the Southern Motocross tournament this winter, Yamaha 125 division, where he is the youngest challenger, racing against competitors twice his age. Carole couldn’t be prouder of her son’s hard work and fierce dedication. He may need a stool at the starting gate, but Carole, who doesn’t miss an event, encourages him to embrace every minute without fear.

Kelly Haber

Chief Compliance Officer and Director of Operations

Chief Compliance Officer and Director of Operations, Kelly Haber, was born and raised in Ludlow, Massachusetts, to a Portuguese family. Kelly’s parents immigrated to the United States before starting a family. They desired to give Kelly and her brother a life full of opportunity. Guided by the dedicated work ethic of her parents, Kelly vividly remembers going to work at her local bakery at 16, upholding her commitment to the tennis team and still maintaining excellent grades in preparation for college.

Kelly’s acute attention to detail drove her success then, as it does now. Kelly went on to attend Western New England University where a career in finance first piqued her interest. Out of school, Kelly got her first taste of the financial planning industry while working at Northwestern Mutual in Pittsfield as a sales assistant. The independent, fast-paced environment prepared her for her subsequent move to MassMutual in Springfield, where she accepted a position as an investment analyst in the Operations division. Kelly’s dedicated work ethic and ability to manage and resolve complex problems with efficiency and empathy quickly identified her as an integral part of the organization. Within a short time, she was promoted into the role of regulatory operations consultant, auditing operations and developing supervisory procedures. A few years later, equipped with vast experience, Kelly was further promoted into her most recent position as compliance consultant where she handled various regulatory inquiries and drove changes that positively influenced client experience.

From regulatory inspections to internal audits, to research and resolution, Kelly’s ability to comb through fine details with precision and accuracy makes her an invaluable asset to our team. Kelly joined PVFG as the director of compliance and operations in early 2016. Armed with her FINRA Series 7 and 24 securities registrations through Commonwealth Financial Network®, and guided by her caring and personal approach, Kelly has become a dynamic asset to our growing firm.

Within six months Kelly passed the Uniform Combined State Law Examination (also called the Series 66), promoting her to chief compliance officer. As regulations become increasingly more complex, compliance is one of the most critical functions in any firm. With her new registration, Kelly has become PV’s OSJ delegate and a registered Investment Advisor Representative. A role well suited for Kelly’s area of expertise, she is now responsible for the general supervision and compliance of the firm and all activities of registered employees.

When not in the office, Kelly and her husband, Barry (a “tree guy”) enjoy time with their family at home in Wilbraham. Still settling into their recently built house, Kelly puts her creative side to work exploring her interest in interior design throughout each room. While Kelly is busy sprucing up the place, you might find Barry around town in Ludlow, fearlessly climbing and removing trees.

Kelly and Barry recently celebrated their 10-year wedding anniversary. While dreams of Italy and Hawaii first came to mind, it’s more likely they’ll be sporting Mickey Mouse ears in Disney while chasing their two adorable sons, Ryan (7) and Gavin (2).

When not at a hockey or football game cheering Ryan on (while frantically chasing after Gavin who desperately wants in on the action), you’ll often find Kelly in the kitchen trying a new recipe, watching HGTV, enjoying a glass of wine with friends, or curling up with a good book.

Cynthia Fabiszewski

Operations Manager

The youngest of four children, Cindy Fabiszewski grew up watching her parents work tirelessly to support her large and vibrant family. She sought to emulate the strong work ethic of her father, a railroad electrician, and in that she succeeded. Cindy graduated from STCC and immediately went to work. She landed a position at Milton Bradley, where she devoted 20 years to the accounting department and continued her personal growth and education while attending night school. When the company merged with Hasbro, Cindy moved to Palmer Goodell and took on the role of Ed’s executive assistant. The rest is history.

Cindy, loyal and dependable, has been there from the beginning supporting partners Ed, Joe, and Chuck when they first opened the doors to PV Financial Group in 2002. Her acute attention to detail and superb time management skills have encouraged the rapid growth of the business. From compliance to licensing, accounting to auditing, Cindy’s deep knowledge and experience proves to be an invaluable asset to the company.

At home, Cindy enjoys utilizing her artistic side to craft and sew and has been known to expertly take apart and rebuild formal wear mere moments before a special event for friends and family. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree; Cindy’s son, Roman, is a talented young artist himself, currently enrolled in the Fine Arts Program at Springfield College.

Cindy spends as much time as she can with her daughter, Melanie, who recently graduated from the occupational therapy program at Springfield College. It is evident that Cindy and her husband, Roman, a 25-year veteran plumber at Springfield College, have led their children by example passing on their zealous work ethic to both Roman and Melanie.

Cindy’s free time is always spent with her family, husband, two children, and generous amounts of extended aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews. In the seldom moments where their house is an empty nest, Cindy and her husband enjoy the quiet time. During the summer, they enjoy their annual family reunion in the Outer Banks, where you’ll likely catch Cindy enjoying the company of her heart and joy, her family.

Kelly Outhuse

Operations Coordinator and Relationship Manager

Operations Coordinator and Relationship Manager Kelly Outhuse has been working in the financial services industry for more than 12 years. She knows firsthand the meaning of hard work. Kelly’s parents immigrated from Portugal to the United States as a young couple. Kelly vividly recalls watching her parents work tirelessly to create the American Dream for their family. From factory worker to real estate buyers, landlords to small business owners, Kelly’s parents imparted a strong work ethic and customer service standard that has proven to be intricately woven throughout Kelly’s personal ideals and professional demeanor.

Kelly graduated from Westfield State University with a BS in business management. While studying finance she was struck to understand the impact of every day events on the stock market. Learning how financial planning can provide individuals with security amidst the chaos of the economy, Kelly soon discovered her future career path.

Kelly’s acute attention to detail and passion for the financial services industry made for a perfect fit in her position in the Retirement Services department at MassMutual in Springfield, MA. Kelly spent nearly four years servicing professional employer organizations, transferring new business, coordinating enrollment meetings and assisting new clients transitioning to 401(k)s. Kelly went on to gain invaluable experience in compliance and account management at the United Health Group in Hartford, CT, and Northwestern Mutual in Springfield, MA.

In a recent role as compliance specialist at Professional Investors in South Windsor, CT, Kelly realized an inclination towards working directly with financial representatives. Responsible for the processing of new accounts and customer orders for nearly 120 financial advisors, Kelly further developed her capacity to carefully review every fine detail while simultaneously managing multiples tasks. Seeking an opportunity closer to home, Kelly joined the PV Financial Group team in early 2017.

A self proclaimed “chatterbox” with a sincere sense of community, Kelly rounds out our Operations Department and Relationship Management team with her life insurance and FINRA Series 7 securities registrations (through Commonwealth Financial Network®). Kelly’s strong work ethic, genuine enthusiasm, and dedication to customer service make for a natural fit within our team.

When not at the office Kelly spends much of her time creating meaningful memories with her husband, Jeremy, and two children: Mason (1) and Mila (4). Jeremy proudly co-owns and operates his family’s locksmith business, often dedicating long hours and overnight visits to service emergency calls. To balance their dynamic work schedules, the family enjoys escaping to Cape Cod exploring local beaches or frequenting Boston for fun family adventures. When not discovering new sights, the Outhuse family often entertains family and friends in their Ludlow home. A loyal friend, dedicated mom, and proud community supporter, Kelly’s natural warmth and friendly personality helps to make everyone she meets feel welcome and engaged.

Karen Noquiera

Director of Client Relations

Relationship Manager Karen Nogueira knows what it means to deliver impeccable customer service. As a young girl, Karen remembers proudly wearing her red and white apron as a candy striper while she volunteered at Ludlow Hospital. Serving others gave her a sense of joy, from refilling water glasses and serving dinner, to taking the time to speak with lonely patients, Karen had a heart to help others. It was no surprise when Karen later landed a career in customer service.

A natural people person, Karen’s philosophy of treating others the way she hopes to be treated allowed her to quickly move through the ranks. Karen began her career as a bank teller at West Bank. From there, she moved to Luso Federal Credit Union, where she was promoted from teller to head teller and finally to branch manager before joining our team in 2006. At first, Karen came on board as a part-time sales assistant. As her children got older, Karen’s innate sense of loyalty to the client experience carved out her full-time niche position where she now works as relationship manager. Today, Karen’s devotion to customer service proves to be an invaluable asset to the team.

When not working, you’ll find Karen spending most of her free time with her family and two children, Ava and Joseph. Growing up in a Portuguese home, Karen vividly remembers dancing on her father’s toes while listening to Portuguese folk music. Karen passed on her love of music and dance to her daughter Ava, 9, who gracefully participates on several competitive dance teams. Ava’s talents do not end just in dance; Karen also nurtures Ava’s love of music and encourages her natural abilities when playing both the acoustic and electric guitar.

During soccer season, you can’t miss Karen screaming from the sideline “Go, Bubba!” while Joseph, 7, is on the field. Whatever the sport, Karen makes sure to support and cheer him on at every game and practice.

In recent years, Karen has discovered a love for running. While you’ll see her mostly running around the neighborhood, she recently completed the St. Patrick’s Day Road Race finishing at her personal best. Karen loves to stay active with her kids and is often outside playing soccer and basketball with Joseph, Ava, and their two playful dogs, Lulu and Oliver.

During the summer, Karen also enjoys spending time planting in her garden; pink hydrangeas are her favorite. Throughout the year, she loves to travel and always tries to bring her children. Karen believes in the importance of education happening outside of the classroom and seeks to expose them to different places, food, and culture whenever the opportunity arises.

Fatima Tavares

Relationship Manager

Fatima’s natural warmth and genuine smile will likely be the first thing you notice when you walk through our office doors. Sales Assistant Fatima Tavares joined our team in 2014 bringing an exceptional range of customer service skills. Fatima grew up in Portugal, inspired by her hard-working parents who moved to the United States before Fatima finished school in order to give Fatima and her sister the opportunity to match their potential.

Fatima moved to Ludlow, Massachusetts, at age 21, where she took a position at Ludlow Textiles. Fatima worked with dedication for 17 years until the business sold. Her hard work and organizational skills propelled her forward; before the mills closed, her responsibilities included payroll, human resource functions, and reporting and inventory control. While her position as administrative assistant was demanding, Fatima generously carved out time for her unpaid position, where she utilized her trilingual abilities (English, Spanish, and Portuguese) to help bridge the language gap for many of her coworkers, scheduling doctor appointments, helping pay bills, and much more.

Fatima went on to further her education in office systems technology and found her next position as a banker at Admirals Bank. Her professionalism and attention to detail quickly identified her as an integral member of the bank and her community. Additionally, Fatima manages Primavera Restaurant in Ludlow, where she prepares schedules, manages some finances, and handles most customer and vendor inquiries. You may even catch her behind the bar or waitressing, where she delights her customers with a warm greeting and superb customer service.

When not working, Fatima enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons, 16 and 20. Fatima proudly describes her hard-working children who are high honors and dean’s list students. Her oldest attends Westfield State College, studying accounting, and her youngest, still in high school, has dreams of architectural engineering in his future. You’ll often find both of her boys at home, enjoying Fatima’s evening meals. She loves to cook and tries to prepare a homemade meal every day, other than the occasional family movie night or shopping trip.

Irene Lawless

Relationship Manager

Sales Assistant Irene Lawless has an innate ability to make those around her feel comfortable; her genuine ability to empathize led her to a career in business. Irene attended both Baypath and STCC, and upon graduation, she landed her first job at a manufacturing plant. Working in the customer service department, Irene was able to have a first-person perspective of all the workings that went into delivering customers with exceptional service. From conception, to building, packaging, and delivery, Irene took to heart in ensuring that each customer received his or her custom order on time and with 100-percent satisfaction.

When the manufacturing plant closed, Irene took a position within customer service at a roofing company. Differentiated by her acute attention to detail, exceptional follow-through, and time management skills, Irene was quickly promoted to administrative assistant for the VP of sales. She became an integral part of the company, ensuring that each customer received his or her order to exact specifications.

When not in the office, Irene stays busy at home with her two teenage children, Faith and James. Faith, 17, delights the family with her musical talents, skillfully singing and playing the guitar. When not dabbling in music, Faith also plays lacrosse for her local high school. 

Irene’s son, James, 14, is a basketball star at heart, an activity he and Irene’s husband, Jim, have enjoyed together since James was in kindergarten. As James enters high school, Jim will not be coaching for the first time, although it’s unlikely you won’t find Irene and Jim cheering him on at every game!

Irene and her family enjoy running, an activity they delight in together. From running at the Quabbin Reservoir to competing in local races, you’ll often find them together, helping James train for his cross-country team and actively exploring the great outdoors (often with their beloved dog, Bandit, in tow!). 

Irene especially loves the summertime when she can spend time planting in her vegetable garden and tending to her perennial flower beds. This summer will be a special one; her family will be traveling to Cape Cod and New Hampshire for some quality time together.